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Forms and Documents

Below are forms to be used for internship and final master's report presentation:

Student Handbook

ABS Student Handbook

Internship Forms and Policies

A. Before the Start of the Internship, there are 2 required forms to be completed:

1. The Internship Work Plan Form

Effective immediately all internships for credit will have to use the new policies/form.  The new internship forms and policies have been endorsed by Undergraduate Council and the Graduate Council and approved by the UA Office of Risk Management and Office of General Counsel.

The new form combines the previous forms: Student Application, Risk and Release and the Letter of Agreement into one document. 

The ABS Internship Work Plan Form includes:

  1. Student Information
  2. Site Supervisor Information
  3. Student’s Goal for Internship
  4. Student’s Justification of Site
  5. Internship Purpose, Learning Objectives, Proposed /activities
  6. Internship Instructor Notes
  7. Internship Instructor Approval
  8. DISCLOSURE – Insurance coverage for University Internships for Credit pages 6 -7
  9. Examples of Goals, Purpose, Learning Objectives and Activities page 8

2. COVID Assessment Form: 

Due to the current COVID Mitigation effort of the University of Arizona, the COVID Assessment form is required to be signed by both the internship supervisor and intern before starting the internship.

COVID Assessment Form

Reminder: Students will not be enrolled or added into the internship units until the above  2 forms are approved and signed  and submitted to the Program Coordinator:  (1.) Internship Work Plan and  (2.) COVID Assessment form.

B. After the Internship:

These forms are to be completed and submitted BEFORE the end of the semester in which internship credits are to be awarded:

1. ABS Supervisor Internship Evaluation Form This form, to be completed by the intern’s on-site supervisor, is meant to provide constructive feedback to the student and course instructor about the student’s relative strengths and weaknesses as demonstrated in the internship.  The deadline is the last day of classes of the semester in which the internship was performed

2. ABS Student Internship Evaluation Form. This form is for you (the student) to assess your internship experience.  Complete this form before the last day of classes at the semester when the internship is performed and ABS 593A units are to be accrued. Give the form to the Program Coordinator.

For detailed information on ABS and UA Internships:

Internship Policies and Procedures
In compliance with the new internship policies of the UA, effective June 29, 2020 this additional required Form is to be submitted before starting the internship:  
Experiential Learning Covid Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions on University of Arizona Internship Policies, Forms, and Practices

Relevant Syllabus:

Final Master's Report Presentation Forms


GradPath is the new system for creation, routing and approval of Graduate College degree certification forms.  All forms that graduate students are required to submit to the Graduate College will now be in GradPath, replacing the paper forms that had been used.

Please watch the video for the important forms in GradPath:

GradPath Videos

GradPath Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Resources and other Graduate Student Academic Services Office Forms

Last updated 10 Feb 2022