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Track in Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB)

Director of Graduate Studies: Ryan Gutenkunst (


The Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) track or subplan of the  Applied Biosciences GIDP is designed for students who wish to possess a graduate-level education that integrates knowledge in the biological sciences, management, business, and law.  Students graduating in this track will be prepared for professional careers in government, academia, or in industry in such fields as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, medical research, and agriculture.

The discipline of Molecular and Cellular Biology is the study of life processes.  What types of activities are carried out by cells, and how do cells make these activities work? Our department aims for its students to develop a deep understanding of current ideas and problems in molecular and cellular biology and to build foundational skills in logic, reasoning, self-expression, and communication.

MCB researchers utilize model systems that allow them to query the most basic of questions about nature, whether they be at the molecular level, at the level of a cell or organism, or in the development of clinical application of new human disease therapies.  Faculty with specializations in MCB represents a diverse group of faculty members' research interests including cancer biology, neurobiology, heart development and disease, plant development, evolutionary biology, cell signaling, gene expression, RNA biology, genetic networks and systems biology, and genome stability.  Professional Science Master’s students in the MCB track will be able to select courses corresponding to these fields and other course work for the track, to tailor their studies to their personal preferences and career goals.

Please find a list of recommended courses for Molecular and Cellular Biology track from the ABS Student Handbook.

Last updated 10 Feb 2022