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The key to graduate fellowships is finding one that fits you and your work. The office of Scholarships has a lot of advice on their website about how to search for fellowships, but the list below is a good place to begin. The list below includes a number of awards for bother master's and PhD students. THe office also worked to include many opportunities for international students. 

Priya Zukosky is a student from the Industrial Microbial Biotechnology track:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude as a recipient of the Margaret Bilson Scholarship. As a graduate student seeking a master’s degree in Applied Biosciences, this award will provide great assistance and financial support towards the completion of my degree.

David Gray is a student in the Diagnostic Laboratory Sciences Track

What is the Margaret Bilson Scholarship?

The Margaret Bilson Scholarship was established in 2014 following the passing of Ms. Bilson.  Margaret was an Arizona native and UA alumna who had a passion for microbiology.  This award supports clinical microbiology students matriculating through the College of Medicine-Tucson.