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Welcome Our New Industry Partner: Dr. Iman Daryaei

Meet Dr. Iman Daryaei, the Co-Founder and CEO of TheraCea Pharma. Dr. Daryaei is our newest addition to the ABS-PSM Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). Members of the IAB are current entrepreneurial scientists in biotechnology that have agreed to provide guidance and advisement to the program in terms of curriculum, the needs/expectations of the biotech industries, and the job marketplace. A graduate of the University of Arizona himself, Dr. Daryaei aims to help and assist our ABS students the way others have when he was a student, hoping to influence and guide future professional scientists:

"My interest in Chemistry led me to obtain B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry. As a member of multidisciplinary research teams, I had the opportunity to explore and develop skills and expertise in several fields of science including oncology, biomedical imaging, and biological chemistry. I further developed my expertise by working in industry for 5 years. My huge interest in entrepreneurship encouraged me to pursue formal trainings in entrepreneurship by participating in the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program at UA and being selected as a NSF ICORP Awardee. 

I founded TheraCea Pharma, a biotechnology company, with focus on developing new diagnostic agents for the detection of cancer. The core technology was the result of my research as a graduate students at the University of Arizona. My goal at TheraCea is to provide better diagnostic tools for early detection of cancer so the patient have more and better treatment options.


I highly believe in developing management and leadership skills along with developing skills in technical fields. I have found the ABS program to be a strong training opportunity for students while there is a strong emphasis on developing non-technical skills. As an entrepreneur scientist, I am very excited to share my knowledge and personal experience with those interested in building a professional career in science." 

Last updated 22 Mar 2021